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Your Top Questions about ASTROS Wireless Presentation Solutions


When you use ASTROS wireless presentation solution for the first time, you may have some questions. Here we compiled and answered some of the most commonly asked questions from our customers. We hope those answers can help you gain more insight into our wireless presentation.

Q. Why can’t ASTROS App search the Station?

A. ASTROS App can search the Station which is in the same local area network. Please make sure the device which you use and ASTROS Station IP are both under the same local area network. If you still cannot find the Station, please enter Station IP to connect.

Q. Why using the Remote View feature would slow the update of displayed content?

A. Some computers are enabled to turn on power saving mode as the default setting, which slows down the update of displayed content. If this issue occurs, you can change your setting to general or high-performance mode.

Q. Why can’t I share the sound when using the ASTROS Windows App?

A. Please check if you turn on the mute mode on the Windows App control panel. When you turn it off and you still can’t hear the sound, you can check the volume setting or update your volume driver to the latest version.

Q. Why can’t I share the sound when using ASTROS macOS App?

A. You need to install BlackHole audio driver with macOS to share the sound. When you install ASTROS macOS App, please follow the instruction to install the driver and give the access right to ASTROS App in your macOS setting.

Q. Why can’t Google Cast find ASTROS Station?

A. Please go to the ASTROS Station setting, make sure the date and time are set correctly, and then use Google Cast to search again.

Q. Why can’t ASTROS Station connect to the wireless access point?

A. Please confirm if the patch cable has been removed first. ASTROS Station will not connect to Wi-Fi until the patch cable is removed. If the patch cable is removed, please confirm if the connection password is correct.

Q. How to set up ASTROS Station to separate internal and external networks?

A. ASTROS Station is set up as a wireless access point and NAT network structure by default. The connection via patch cable to the company and school network is the internal network, and the IP sent by the wireless access point is the external network. It can combine Gatekeep’s settings to limit the access of the external network to the internal network.

Q. Why is the screen black after using VGA as output?

A. The default of ASTROS Station is HDMI as output. Please go to the setting page and select the video output as HDMI and VGA.

If you still have some questions, you can check FAQ HERE. If you consider building an efficient collaboration environment, come chat with our Pro AV experts and book a demo HERE! We are always happy to help people level up meeting efficiency.

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