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How to Apply The Wireless Presentation in The Classroom?


As the technology keeps evolving, we can see the smartphone and the tablet slowly replace paper and laptops. Smart portable devices also let us see the possibilities in software. To make sure that students won’t fall behind, teachers keep improving syllabus, lesson plans and teaching materials. Schools also need to invest in hardware and technology to meet students and teachers’ needs.

We all want better outcomes for the students. Not only school exercises and presentations can show how much students grow. Learning isn’t a short-term task but a lifetime project. In addition to using PowerPoint to convey ideas, students also can use a Spotify playlist, a Netflix playlist or Instagram posts to express themselves. The challenge for schools is how we use the technology to support students and allow them to show creativity.

The interactive classroom technology that we usually see is wireless routers, interactive displays and tablets. However, the wireless presentation system is indispensable too. It allows teachers to quickly do the screen mirroring and control the displayed content. Despite the fact that the wire-based environment can help teachers share the screen, the wireless solution has better performance and can enhance the interaction between teachers and students. Here are the reasons why we think the wireless presentation solution is the best choice for schools.

  • Intuitive settings and UI allow teachers to easily do the screen mirroring

With the wire-based environment, teachers always need to worry if the cable doesn’t work. What’s more, it takes time to set up. The best part of the wireless presentation solution is that the setup only takes less than 10 seconds and you can start sharing the presentation in one click. What’s more, teachers can easily control the displayed content with the intuitive UI. You don’t need to worry if the students share anything irrelative on the display.

  • Everyone in the classroom can be the presenter and no need to stick in one place

The solution is wireless, so you won’t be restricted by HDMI cables. Teachers and students can both be the presenter. The presenter can freely move around the classroom to enhance the audience engagement.

  • Students sit far from the display can see the displayed content

In a spacious room, people sitting far usually cannot see well the content on the main display. One benefit of the wireless presentation solution is that students can use the “Remote View” feature to capture the displayed content on their devices. It allows them to smoothly take a screenshot of the content.

  • Teachers can annotate the displayed content and illustrate the ideas anytime

If the school employs the interactive display and the wireless presentation solution at the same time, teachers will be able to annotate the displayed content and take note. Sometimes words cannot fully convey the ideas, the embedded blank canvas can let presenters illustrate and explain in greater detail.

  • Students can take turns sharing the presentation or share it at the same time

It’s often to see people take turns sharing the presentation. But if students do an experiment and the teacher wants to compare their results on one display, how will the teacher do? Well. With the wireless presentation solution, up to four users can share directly from their device onto the same display. When students brainstorm, this feature is also good for them to exchange ideas.

The wireless presentation in the classroom is more than what we write here. If you are curious about how people use the system, you can contact us HERE to learn more.

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