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The R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing of CYCU Incorporates ASTROS Solutions


The R&D Center for Smart Manufacturing of CYCU is a multifunctional center which aims at the talent cultivation program and creating smart manufacturing solutions.

The Challenge

In the R&D Center, a facility full of industrial equipment, two massive screens each compiled with four 4K monitors are installed in the front. The students often used these screens to present their projects but since these screens were only connected to one computer, the way the projects could be presented was limited.

  • Students needed to save the presentation files to the computer first, then they could start the presentation.
  • If anyone wanted to share content with a smartphone or tablet, students needed to set up another small display which supports AirPlay or Chromecast.

The setup took lots of time and the discussion became inefficient. As there were plenty of cutting-edge instructional machinery in the facility, the professor tried to include innovative technology to the learning program such as AR. The students also developed an app allowing them to check the working process of a certain machine by scanning the QR code on the machine. But when the professor and students tried to share their AR work or machine status to the screens in the front, they ran into troubles.

The old presentation environment restricted the potential of learning and teaching, so the R&D center decided to give the wireless presentation solution a try.

The Solution

After adopting the ASTROS Station, now both professors and students can fully unlock the creativity and productivity for their smart manufacturing projects.

  • They can share their ideas from laptop, MacBook, Android smartphone or iPhone. No matter which device they choose to use, they can easily and quickly share their results in the classroom.
  • With the Split Screen feature, the teacher can allow up to 4 devices to share the screens and compare the content.
  • It is worth mentioning now with ASTROS Station, switching between contents or start sharing is extremely smooth and fast. This helps professors and students to better interact with each other.

The wireless presentation solution enhances the collaboration and increases the efficiency. The setup of ASTROS wireless presentation is simple which allows teachers and students to enjoy the full length of the class. A smarter learning environment is the trend. If you don’t want to fall behind, CLICK HERE to contact us today.

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