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How to Run An Effective Meeting?


We’ve all been stuck in a bad meeting. The meeting is scheduled for one hour long, and people offer many ideas and lose focus of the topic, then the meeting ends 30 minutes late. After the meeting, you find out that there is no specific action item and the person in charge. Sometimes, the situation is different. You want colleagues to brainstorm some good ideas for the next campaign, but people remain silent and do their own things with their laptop. Ineffective meetings happen everyday, here we would like to give some tips that can work for anyone.

Before The Meeting

Before you invite people to the meeting, make sure that you set the agenda and provide the information that every attendant should know. Sometimes we host a meeting only because our supervisor asks us to. But we need to think about what’s the result we want to have from the meeting. The agenda can help us check if we really need to have a meeting and keep us focused on the right topic.

During The Meeting

Usually people stay focused for 10-15 minutes. A long meeting is definitely not a good idea. If someone offers many ideas and draws the meeting out, you must remind members to stay focused on the agenda and end it on time. Most important of all, you must conclude the action items and confirm the person in charge. Or the discussion would be in vain.

After The Meeting

If you are the moderator of the meeting, it’s better for you to do a short meeting minutes and list the action items. So every attendant knows what they need to do. It will be easier for you to keep track of the project too.

Those are the tips that every employee can follow in the meeting. As a business owner and manager,you can also consider featuring a wireless presentation system to improve productivity and have smooth collaboration. Let’s have a look at three main benefits if you incorporate a wireless screen mirroring solution in your meeting rooms.

1. Support BYOD

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. It has become a common practice in many enterprises. In a company, we have different job positions like sales, marketing, engineers, designers and so on. Everyone has their preferable tools to work with. With a wireless presentation system, it allows people to use Windows PC, MacBook, iPhone or Android smartphone to do the presentation in the meeting room. Every member can smoothly present their project progress and ideas. No one needs to struggle with wires.

2. Save Time for More Meaningful Work

If the meeting is scheduled for an hour, you usually need to take at least five minutes to set up everything. Sometimes you may even waste time on the compatibility issues. With a wireless presentation solution, you can bring any device you like, walk in the meeting room and start sharing your ideas in less than 10 seconds. You can choose to use an app to connect to the system or just plug-n-play without installing any software.

3. Enable Smooth and Seamless Collaboration

During the presentation, when a presenter shows a report with incorrect numbers, it’s not easy to point it out if the system doesn’t support the split screen. The wireless presentation solution can now support up to four people to share content from their devices. It helps the discussion to run smoothly. If you need to brainstorm good ideas for the promotion, this feature can also improve efficiency.

To run an effective meeting, it’s not just about your mindset. Choosing the right technology is important, too. If you are curious about how people use the wireless presentation solution, you can contact us HERE to learn more.

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