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ASTROS 2022 Q1 Update Highlights


This article focuses on the major updates. Read full release notes HERE.

ASTROS Station Standby Screen Redesigned

Presentation Instructions

The new presentation instructions make it straightforward for any participant to start sharing content from the device on their hands.

Customize the Background Image

By choosing the background image, your wireless presentation enabled rooms can conform nicely with your organization’s image and style.


Access ASTROS App on Windows System Tray

ASTROS App now appears on the system tray for you to perform actions while keeping the App minimized.

Features by clicking the system tray icon:

  • Presentation control: Play, stop, mute and unmute your current projection
  • Presentation control for your projection to multiple Stations
  • View the IP address of the Stations you’ve connected
  • Maximize or close the App


Remote View Feature Now Available on Android App

You can now see what is happening on the main screen in real-time with your Android tablet!



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