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What’s The Wireless Presentation Solution?


What’s The Wireless Presentation Solution?

The wireless presentation solution is a device that allows you to mirror your laptop, smartphone or tablet on another display without the need of HDMI, VGA or any cables. The solution allows the moderator to easily mirror the presentation on a TV, an interactive panel or a projector. This technology is suitable in various collaborative environments such as meeting rooms, conference rooms, huddle spaces and classrooms.

When Do You Need A Wireless Presentation Solution?

The wireless presentation enables users to share content from any device to the display. Therefore, multiple users can present, share and exchange ideas on the displayed content. You no longer need to worry about the restrictions from cables. You can walk in the meeting room and start your presentation immediately. The presenter can sit wherever he wants and mirror the presentation.

How Do You Benefit From Using A Wireless Presentation Solution?

  • Waste no time on the meeting setup

With the cable-based meeting environment, it usually takes at least three to five minutes for the meeting setup. But the wireless presentation solution allows you to start your presentation in 10 sec.

  • Bring Your Own Device(BYOD)

BYOD isn’t just about using any device to do the presentation, it also means you can discover more possibilities for your work projects. You no longer need to limit your ideas to your laptop. If you want to build an app on your smartphone, you can also seamlessly demo the app project on the display too.

  • Make Your Meeting Room A Collaborative Place

ASTROS wireless presentation solution is able to let attendees who sit far from the display to view and share their content. With the embedded whiteboard, annotation and split screen feature, the moderator can easily convey what he wants to highlight.

  • Low Maintenance fee

When you walk into a meeting room, most of the time you will see a big tangle of power cords, extenders and meters and meters of different connection cables. To maintain those cables is actually costly. With wireless technology, you can save time and money on cable management. Most of all, you leave good impressions on your stakeholders with a clean meeting room.

  • Avoid unnecessary contact with members

During the post-Covid-19 period, people pay attention to personal hygiene issues. The wireless presentation solution can help every member keep an appropriate social distance but still mirror the content easily and fast.

Where You Can Learn More About The Wireless Presentation Solution?

If you are searching for a wireless presentation solution to improve your meetings, welcome to CONTACT US for more information.

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