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How to Present Wirelessly from Any Device with ASTROS?


ASTROS wireless presentation in offices

ASTROS wireless presentation solutions allow you to use a laptop, MacBook, smartphone or tablet to share your presentation or content. According to the device you use, you may have different ways to cast your screen. Let’s check how!

1.Share with ASTROS Pod

ASTROS Pod is an external dongle. If you use a Windows laptop or MacBook, you can just plug ASTROS Pod into your laptop and start sharing presentations. You don’t need to install any software or driver and the network pre-configuration isn’t required either. Connected via USB-C, ASTROS Pod allows laptop users to collaborate with mobile device users, and take turns sharing contents to the same screen. If your company often receives guests, it’s recommended to get ASTROS Pods. Because your guests may worry about the privacy or security issues and refuse to install any application to share the presentation. ASTROS Pod then becomes the best choice for those guests to cast their screens.

2.Share from ASTROS App

If you use a Windows laptop, MacBook, or Android smartphone, you can download ASTROS App to share your presentation. There are many advantages to using the app for screen mirroing. You can control presented contents, view the current presentation on your own device, share the screen to multiple displays, and more features. In a nutshell, using the app can help you have a complete and seamless collaboration experience.

3.Use “Browser Sharing”

“Browser Sharing” is another way that you don’t need to install the software to share your presentation. First you need to make sure that you connect to the same LAN as the ASTROS Station. Then type in the IP address shown on the display. Click “Start” and you can cast your screen. This feature only supports browsers Chrome 79+ and Edge 88+ on Windows laptops.

4.Use Airplay

Airplay is an app-free screen sharing protocol developed by Apple Inc.. So if you have a MacBook, iPhone or iPad, you can use Airplay to cast your screen. First you need to connect your device to the same LAN as your ASTROS Station. Find the content you want to stream, then tap AirPlay and you can see your content on the display. If you don’t know how to use Airplay, you may go to Apple’s official website for more information.

5.Use Google Cast

Google Cast is an app-free screen sharing protocol available on the Chrome browser and most Android devices. First you need to connect your device to the same LAN as your ASTROS Station. If you are using the Chrome browser, click the three dots at the top right then click “Cast”. Choose the ASTROS Station where you want to watch the content. When you’re done, to the right of the address bar, click “Cast” and then Stop casting. For more Google Cast information, you can go to Google’s official website to check.

ASTROS wireless presentation solutions can help you create a hassle-free learning or meeting environment. If you are interested in our solution, welcome to contact our audio-visual professionals for more information HERE.

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