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Makalot Features ASTROS Solutions to Improve Meetings


Makalot is a leading garment manufacturer and the best partner of global famous apparel brands and retailers. The company not only pursues growth and profit, but also pays attention to fulfilling the corporate social responsibility(CSR). To meet international CSR standards, Makalot collects the energy consumption data and registers it to their system.

The Challenge: Sharing two devices’ screens at the same time is difficult!

To register the consumption data, the employees need to first open the ERP system with a browser on a laptop, then use the ERP app on a smartphone as a scanner to fill the documents. To teach their employees across the world the operating procedure, Makalot used the video conference(VC) tools and cable-based environment to set up the demonstration. However, with the traditional approach they encountered some problems.

  • To allow remote employees to see the interface of both the smartphone and the laptop, the trainer has to flip the smartphone, show its screen at the webcam while sharing his desktop screen. The demonstration became an arduous task. woosh!
  • Another approach was that both devices join the VC session with an individual account.

But still, since the demonstration happens on both devices simultaneously, only one screen can be focused at a time. This method is difficult for the remote employees to understand the operating procedure.

No matter which approach they took, they couldn’t find an optimal demonstration setting for the trainer to execute. Therefore, Makalot decided to integrate the ASTROS wireless presentation solution.

The Solution

Integrated with the ASTROS station in the meeting room, Makalot can finally get a better meeting quality.

  • With the Split Screen feature, the employees can easily demo the app on smartphone and the laptop screen simultaneously.
  • One local meeting attendant can share the screen from the main display with the Remote View feature to the video conference room. Therefore, even the remote staff can see clearly the whole workflow.

ASTROS allows Makalot employees to be more collaborative and productive with the technology that seamlessly blends with the meeting room. If you have the same issue, come talk to us HERE!

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