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A Taiwanese Listed Company Features ASTROS Solutions


Spaces like meeting and conference rooms can play a key role in ensuring you leave a positive impression with your employees and clients. The meeting room isn’t only a comfortable and spacious area, but also a place for your employees to present ideas and collaborate. By choosing the right presentation solution, you can set a refined impression on your stakeholders. Hosting a business meeting with multiple parties can be an arduous task, but you can make it simple and efficient.

Recently a Taiwanese listed company features ASTROS wireless presentation solution. This company’s meeting room is task-specific for sales meetings, training programs, workshops and more. In its meeting room, we can see several display screens. The employees can freely move desks and chairs for group discussion but still see display screens.

The Challenge

Though the meeting room setup looks nice for brainstorming, some problems still bother the staff.

  • During the sales review meeting, if someone sits too far from the projector screen, he isn’t able to see all the numbers clearly.
  • With the traditional cable-based meeting environment, if the trainer wants to show different content on different display screens, the setup would be time-consuming.
  • In the workshop, if anyone wants to share photos on the smartphone, he can only pass the smartphone to attendants and let everyone see the content.

To level up the efficiency, the company features ASTROS Station in its meeting room.

The Solution

The meeting room can be a key space to foster motivation and excitement. ASTROS solution helps create a perfect environment for meetings.

  • Having a large meeting room, the company is worried that not everyone can see the presentation.
  • With the Remote View feature, no matter where the attendant sits, he can see the presentation clearly and screenshot the content.
  • During the training program, the trainer no longer needs to deal with cables to share different content on different display screens. The One-to-Many feature allows the moderator to do so in a few clicks.
  • The employees can use laptops or smartphones for brainstorming sessions, and easily share the content to display screens in seconds.

High-performance audio and visual technology alongside seamless connectivity can allow a meeting room to increase its amiability with its users. Contact us HERE to help you build an user-friendly and efficient meeting environment.

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