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A Listed Semiconductor Company Improves Collaboration Efficiency with ASTROS


Have you ever felt that lots of time is wasted during the meeting? If you don’t choose the right meeting facilities, you will need at least five minutes to set up the meeting. When all meeting participants take turns plugging and pulling out the HDMI cable to share presentations, or when people compare the presented content, it takes time too.

If there are only three to five people in the meeting room, you could ignore the issue. Imagine if there are more than ten people sharing their slides, those participants need to change seats and pass the HDMI cable. It reduces the meeting efficiency. But, you can definitely make your meetings more effective with the right technology.

To get employees engaged and boost their energy during the meeting, a Taiwanese listed semiconductor company adopts ASTROS wireless presentation solutions in the conference room. The conference room is the venue for receiving guests and doing internal sales meetings. There are usually several presenters in one session, therefore the company discovers some problems.

The Challenge: How to speed up the meeting when there are several presenters during a meeting?

  • When using the HDMI cable to share the presentation, each presenter will spend time on passing, plugging and pulling out the cable. If the HDMI cable isn’t long enough, the presenter even needs to change the seat to start the presentation.
  • Sometimes team members would want to recheck the slides of certain presenters from an earlier session during the meeting. In this situation, they can only ask the presenter to share the presentation with the HDMI cable again.
  • If there’s an urgent meeting, the employees may not have time to prepare a suitable device to share their content. It causes inconvenience in discussions.

The company tests a few wireless presentation systems to improve the meetings. Some have an unstable Wi-Fi connection and can’t deliver high resolution images to the display; Some don’t meet the company’s budget. In the conference room, though the company installs Apple TV boxes, most meeting presenters actually use Windows laptops. The HDMI cable is still the most practical way for them to cast the screen. In the end, the company decided to purchase ASTROS for its high stability and cost-effectiveness.


One device can cast the screen to two displays which helps colleagues to easily compare data sheets.

– Andrew Ling, IT Senior Manager


The Solution: Everyone can freely and fast swap ideas in the meeting

Of course you can run a meeting with cables. But if you want to boost your team’s performance and efficiency, the wireless presentation is the best choice.

  • Adopting the wireless presentation solution in the meeting room, the employees can share the presentation without any cables. They can sit wherever they want and they don’t need to change seats when moderating the meeting. What’s more, they can cast the screen with Windows laptops, MacBook, Android or iOS devices.
  • If members want to check the data sheet from a certain participant, they can use Split Screen to easily compare contents.
  • The company has two displays and installs two ASTROS Stations in the conference room. Therefore, one person can cast the screen to two displays (One-to-Many feature) to check two slides at the same time.


Even if there’s a rush meeting, employees can bring any device to share their presentation. They don’t need to change devices or migrate files from device to device.

– Andrew Ling, IT Senior Manager


The more time you waste during meetings, the less time you have for other projects. When people get meeting fatigue, it will increase stress and anxiety. It’s also a burden for IT staff to maintain poor performance meeting facilities.

It’s recommended to regularly check if you are using the right tools to help teams collaborate. ASTROS wireless presentation solutions help people improve the efficiency of discussion and collaboration. The centralized management system also lets IT staff to easily manage multiple gateways at the same time. If you are interested in our solution, you can click HERE to contact our experts for advice or a demo.

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